mindful living

A Rough Couple of Weeks

Two weeks ago, I thought my cat was going to die, but to my overwhelming relief, she came home after a few days in the hospital with a hefty daily medicine regimen. Then the starving, sickly stray cat we had fed outside turned out to belong to our elderly neighbor, who claims to be feeding …

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Hidden Grove

After a couple of months in Dayton, I’m still trying to wrap my head around Ohio. Both the Pacific Northwest and the South seem to have distinct characters, but I don’t quite understand the aesthetic of the Midwest. Dayton definitely has a couple of things going for it, though. One is a fantastic local beer …

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One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

One Hundred Years of Solitude takes a bird’s eye view of this family, rarely dipping too far into personal emotions and thoughts, but describing years in broad strokes, a series of actions linked together by characters more than narrative arcs. Like a real life. It’s the level of detail that reminds me of sitting on …

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Adapting to Empty Time

Dark, empty living room overlooking trees.

I knew that it would be an adjustment to not have Boyfriendy around all the time. I know there’s potential for me to get a lot done without the enjoyable distraction of his consistent touch, his silly songs, the temptation to just watch one more episode because we’re cuddled so blissfully on the couch. I …

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Fear in the woods

I am profoundly afraid of the world. Nowhere is this clearer than when I am sitting in the isolated woods. Walking on well-known trails is no problem, but off the beaten path, surrounded by sylvan stillness, my mind begins to murmur. Don’t go too far off the trail. Did you hear a stick crack? Does …

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