art & design

Light as a Stone

Stones are thought of as heavy, motionless, unremarkable. Here they are reimagined in wire to be light, responsive to slight air movements, and framed as objects of attention. An exploration of volume and organic shapes.

Aunt Joy

I know it’s not much, but I was thinking of you. Rest in peace, sweet lady.

Portrait exchange organized through Lien Truong at UNC Chapel Hill.

Baphomet and Hemlock

Based on a provocative effort by the activist and religious group The Satanic Temple to preserve the First Amendment guarantee of separation between religion and government. Read about the statue and its mission here and here.

Week 8: Art and Design Anthropology 2

The methodology of art and design anthropology is variable and necessarily flexible, as initial project plans run into real-world limitations during implementation. Creative solutions to unforeseen problems may require shifts in emphasis or reimagining the project parameters in light of available resources. A growing number of anthropologists are applying their human-oriented critical thinking and observational skills to facilitate the iterative process of design. Some see a possible role of anthropology as not just observing existing culture, but helping to define it, and anthropologists should be especially conscious of their influences and bias in these cases.

After Eden

Imagining hopeful futures and exploring colors of light and shadow.