A Rough Couple of Weeks

Two weeks ago, I thought my cat was going to die, but to my overwhelming relief, she came home after a few days in the hospital with a hefty daily medicine regimen. Then the starving, sickly stray cat we had fed outside turned out to belong to our elderly neighbor, who claims to be feeding …

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Light as a Stone

Stones are thought of as heavy, motionless, unremarkable. Here they are reimagined in wire to be light, responsive to slight air movements, and framed as objects of attention. An exploration of volume and organic shapes.

Aunt Joy

I know it’s not much, but I was thinking of you. Rest in peace, sweet lady.

Hidden Grove

After a couple of months in Dayton, I’m still trying to wrap my head around Ohio. Both the Pacific Northwest and the South seem to have distinct characters, but I don’t quite understand the aesthetic of the Midwest. Dayton definitely has a couple of things going for it, though. One is a fantastic local beer …

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Portrait exchange organized through Lien Truong at UNC Chapel Hill.

Rethink Your Lawn! Concept Mockups

View the project overview here and the entire project here. Project goal: to brighten downtown with regionally specific art, to invite Dayton residents to explore the overlooked historical context of the American lawn, and to empower Dayton citizens to make ecologically informed decisions about their outdoor space. This project represents a synthesis of applied anthropology …

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